Why Powder Coat: Over the past 10 years, Powder Coating has been accepted as a preferred finishing process. The powder finish is less susceptible to damage than a liquid finish. Hybrid Powders provide excellent adhesion and hardness for improved resistance to chipping, abrasion and corrosion, this finish is also flexible enough to be formable without cracking.

What is Powder Coating: Powder is a dry coating. Instead of being dissolved or suspended in a liquid such as solvent or water, powder is applied in a granular form. Powder Coating is created by blending the various components, binders, resins, pigments, filler and additives. Each powder particle contains within it the necessary components for reforming into the finished coating.

After the powder is applied to the part, typically using an electrostatic spray process, the part passes through an oven and cures, melting into a smooth film on the surface of the part.

  The end result being a tough, durable finish that's as smooth as silk!

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